Below you will see a small sample of the huge variety of precision machined componenture that we routinely produce for our many customers. Specific customer sector examples appear below as well. You may see sample parts that resemble your special needs, or you may submit for a prompt quotation for your precision job requirement

Automotive: G & W Technical Corporation is a Tier II subcontracting manufacturer for Automotive industry Tier I suppliers (read more).

Telecommunication: G & W Technical manufactures components used in telecommunication and broadcast industry (read more).

Beverage & Food Equipment G&W Technical specializes in manufacturing stainless steel parts (read more).

Packaging industry:G & W technical is a long time supplier for a worldwide manufacturer of protective packaging systems (read more).

Stainless Steel fittings: One of our many products are stainless steel fittings, they are manufactured in different sizes and shapes (read more).

Special fasteners: If you are looking for special fastener for your specific requirements, G&W Technical is your manufacturer (read more).

Titanium parts. Skills and knowledge of our employees allow us to machine parts from exotic materials, titanium is one of them (read more).

Monel & Inconel parts. Our highly skilled machinists can manufacture parts from high nickel alloys, monel and inconel are only some examples.(read more).

Multi-axis machiningG & W Technical has capability to provide multi-axis machining (read more).

Plastic Parts

Milling Parts

Brass-Copper Parts